Riding The Dog Documentary

Inspiration is just one ticket away in this beautiful documentary narrated by legendary author Studs Terkel.

I rode my first cross-country Greyhound in 2008, a few months before a complete nervous breakdown, with a bag full of clothes and my guitar. Austin was my final destination. What lay ahead was unknown, but I found that the most inspiring moment of my short time in Texas was the trip there and back on the Greyhound bus.

There are all sorts of people who ride the bus and you are with them the entire time--or until they get off. You are together. You are a team. It isn't just your trip, it is an American trip on American roads with American people. I saw my first tumbleweed on a Greyhound as well as trash blowing down the streets of Waco, Texas. I remember rolling through Little Rock, Arkansas at 3:00am, faced pushed up against the window. To see. To see something other than my small life; my bordered life, beyond the blocks and people that I knew. The unknown. Elsewhere. Impossible when you stay put and unyielding when you let go.

I drank cheap booze with a group of young Marines who had just completed boot camp under the lamps in the back seats. We stayed up all night and they talked about the world as if they owned it. Young. Children. Some were eventually eaten up by our generational wars, I'd assume. These are the riders of the dog.

To be inspired, one must leave their comfort zone. I'd ride the dog any day of the week if I felt I needed it again. It's still there. It's not about the ride--it's the experience. It's not the destination, it's the journey. It's not about comfort, just as life is not about comfort. To ride the dog is to suffer, and to suffer is to live, and to find others suffering is to participate in the experience that is life. This documentary captures American suffering perfectly, and it is a piece of art worthy of any gallery. Enjoy.


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