Uli Jon Roth is a Guitar God!

Seen here playing with the German Rock Band Scorpions Live in 1978 is a prime example of the otherworldly talent wielded by guitar legend Uli Jon Roth.

So, after watching a video on Dungeons and Dragons of all things (I know) I stumbled across the 1984 Scorpions' metal ballad Still Loving You. It should be noted that I'm not exactly a big "heavy metal" or "metal" enthusiast, but I do enjoy Black Sabbath and early Metallica albums like Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets (both of which are my go-to records for counter-attacking my neighbor's weekend blasting of praise music). Unfortunately, I don't have much knowledge about Scorpions. I was born in 1982, so the first "metal" music that I can recall listening to were bands like Warrant and Great White because they were pretty much radio pop stars who shoehorned themselves into the genre. Hell, the first Compact Disc (CD) that I owned came inside a case of Coca Cola Classic--it was a free mini-disc from the band Firehouse. **dry-heave** These bands were my introduction into this music scene, which is embarrassing. My recall only extends itself to the transitioning stages of pop metal to grunge. Metal, or what remained of Pop Metal, was dying off and Seattle was pissing all over its grave. RIP Nelson--pfffft. Those who were lucky enough to be born a decade prior to me were able to enjoy a plethora of thrash metal classics and music that was attempting to (in the press at least) conjure the dark arts and Satan himself--and for that I am eternally envious. It wasn't about the hair or the clothes, not that Scorpions or Black Sabbath didn't wear amazing getups as part of their performance, but hidden beneath all of that was honest-to-god ridiculous musical talent. I can thank my friend Jon for turning me onto this video because it showcases a skillset comparable to jazz guitarists like Wes Montgomery or John Scofield with a hint of Nels Cline from Wilco. Uri's guitar playing combined with the perfect cut time beat provided by Herman Rarebell and unbelievable vocal reach of Klaus Meine make Sails of Charon an instant classic for my virgin ears. If you were like I was at 9:00 this morning and never thought to investigate the sheer talent of bands that may be outside of your comfort zone, do yourself a favor and check out the live video above. It speaks for itself. I look forward to digging deeper into the 1970s and early 80's Metal music, so if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears!


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